Three simple values guide us.

Jacobs is led by our simple yet essential core values; in balance, they form the solid foundation upon which our business is built.

People Are Our Greatest Asset

As a professional services company, our talented employees are the key to developing and sustaining relationships: they invest time with our clients, understand their businesses, retain that accumulated client knowledge and pass it forward, and ultimately, our people deliver the work that adds value to our clients’ businesses. Jacobs is committed to providing our employees with an inclusive environment and meaningful work through which they can make lasting contributions as they develop and grow their careers with us.

We Are Relationship Based

This core value is our client-focused value. It describes our objective to create and maintain ongoing business relationships with our clients. Jacobs delivers superior and measurable value that exceeds what our clients can find elsewhere. We serve as their advocates and support them in their global aspirations. In simplest terms, our “relationship” value establishes an expectation of service, trust, and business partnership.

Growth Is An Imperative

Jacobs is a for-profit business. Our clients' needs drive our business, so we grow in pace with their growth. Indeed, to compete in the global marketplace demands growth. And profitable growth is what all our stakeholder groups — client, employee, and shareholder — desire most from us.

For Jacobs, safety is more than a policy manual or a training video; it’s how we do business and it’s how we live 24/7. Jacobs invites you to experience our culture of caring – a culture in which safety, health and welfare are top priorities; and in which we’re all responsible for looking out for one another.

Jacobs' safety culture extends outside the office walls, beyond the project site and into our cars, our homes, and our communities; affecting all the people we interact with everywhere around the world. BeyondZero® is the name of our safety program, and it’s about every one of us making safety a personal value that we live by each day.

Safety Week 2016
Kate's Story: A safety video
BeyondZero: Home. Work. You.

“Kate’s Story” tells the tragic story of Jacobs employee Kate Carpenter (London, UK), whose husband, John Kinns, also an employee, lost his life as the result of injuries sustained in the field.

Produced internally by Jacobs, the video has been shown and discussed at office meetings around the globe and has had a profound impact within the company. The video is now available for employees to view and share with family, friends, business partners, and clients.

Please take Kate’s message to heart.

Jacobs is proud to sponsor Safety Week, an initiative of more than 40 national and global construction firms that have joined forces with a single aim: to inspire everyone in the industry to be leaders in safety. 
During Safety Week, May 2-6, 2016, Jacobs employees worldwide celebrated our BeyondZero® culture of caring with workshops, contests, commitment poster signings, lunches, and even dance performances. Offices and job sites learned about our daily topics:

  • Driving
  • Controlling Energy Risks
  • Positive Mental Health
  • Travel Security
  • Innovation

Whether you are an employee or prospective employee, a client, subcontractor, competitor, or just an interested member of the public, we hope you’ll join the Safety Week community.

  • Visit Jacobs’ Safety Selfies area -- see how we celebrated Safety Week 2016 in our offices, jobsites, and homes.  
  • Learn more about the national Safety Week organization and get ideas and tools for your safety activities.
  • Join the global safety conversation on LinkedIn.

 Thank you for helping to make our industry, and the world, safer!

Safety Week logo - no year

Jacobs CEO - Craig MartinEach year, the National Safety Council (NSC) in the U.S. recognizes ten CEOs who demonstrate a personal commitment to world-class safety. In 2014, Jacobs' Craig Martin was one of the leaders selected and featured in Safety+Health Magazine’s 2014 CEOs Who “Get It” feature.

According to Jim Johnson, vice president of workplace safety initiatives at NSC, these leaders have instilled within their organizations the four pillars of the Journey to Safety Excellence: leadership and engagement, safety management systems, continuous risk reduction, and performance measurement. “The Council is honored to recognize such strong examples of safety leadership in this year’s group of CEOs Who ‘Get It,’” Johnson said. “We hope other leaders follow suit with a steadfast dedication to the journey.”

Read the full article.


We provide a variety of useful safety tools and training to all Jacobs employees, covering topics that are applicable at work, at home, and everywhere they go. Jacobs is always working to identify critical risks that cause injuries, illnesses, and incidents. Then we take proactive steps to eliminate them by helping our people develop safer behaviors, and by encouraging them to inspire others to do the same.

Making the right choices. Together.

Over decades of consistent behavior guided by our core values, Jacobs has earned a reputation as an ethical company. We make decisions with fairness, honesty and integrity, holding ourselves and our colleagues accountable for high standards of conduct on each job we do throughout the world. 

Jacobs' Code of Conduct is a useful guide for all our employees and directors worldwide that outlines our collective commitment to our values and beliefs, and helps us exercise ethical decision making and good judgment – even in difficult situations.

Jacobs also expects the companies we partner with to operate with a high level of integrity, and our corresponding Supplier Code of Conduct is applicable to those in our supply chain. We encourage our employees and suppliers to ask questions when in doubt and report violations, which they can do via an email address or our Integrity Hotline (1.877.522.6272). 

Most recently and for the second time since 2010, Jacobs has been named one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes Magazine. In the large-cap category, Jacobs is one of only 14 firms featured and the only engineering and construction company featured in the large cap category. Read more on Forbes.

Code of Conduct
“Ethics are the foundation of our relationships. Our integrity drives the trust that our relationship-based business model is built on.” — Noel Watson, Chairman of the Board

Bring your unique experiences and ideas.

Maintaining an inclusive and diverse workplace at Jacobs energizes our people and encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Learning about new and different perspectives and experiences creates more varied thinking. Considering several unique points of view often results in better decisions and solutions for our clients, our investors, and ultimately our company.

The term “inclusive” can refer to many things; but as it applies to Jacobs, it means welcoming and respecting the varied backgrounds, talents, skills, and experiences of all our employees and everyone we do business with around the world – embracing and appreciating both our similarities and our differences. Inclusion is woven throughout our culture of caring; enabling us to be an engaged, committed, and productive company that produces positive results for our clients and their stakeholders. Come work for us - we want you on our team!

Creating an enduring legacy.

Our clients want to find the best sustainable solutions for their projects around the world. We help them do just that. Jacobs is dedicated to the advancement of safe and sustainable services for our clients and within our own company. Our core values guide our commitment to an ethical, relationship-based, and cost-conscious business — a sustainable business.

Around the world, across all disciplines, Jacobs works to constantly demonstrate our commitment to sustainability through our words and actions. That commitment is reflected every day through our low-cost posture, our BeyondZero® safety philosophy, and our adherence to our Seven Principles of Sustainability.

We are continually improving and reinvigorating our efforts to be responsible stewards of the natural world as we contribute timely and efficient services and effective, tailored sustainable solutions for our clients. This is the best way we can save them money and help make their businesses successful. The work we do supports them in achieving their project goals – and in creating an enduring legacy.

Our past fuels our future.

Since our company’s founding by Joseph J. Jacobs in 1947, we have gradually evolved from a one-man engineering consultant to the publicly traded Fortune 500 company we are today.

About two-thirds of Jacobs' consistent growth comes from organic expansion as we serve the changing and growing needs of our customers. Because we partner with our clients and truly understand their business objectives, we work in the locations and industries where they need us to be; and we position ourselves to serve their needs effectively.
Another way Jacobs is able to continuously improve and grow is through acquisition. We have acquired more than 70 businesses, and each one has contributed to our reach and capabilities. Together, as Jacobs, we deliver the benefits of a fully integrated global organization.

Our rich history guides our growth, and the possibilities are limitless in terms of the company we are yet to become. But a few simple things remain constant throughout times of change: our firm commitment to our relationship based business model; and our focus on safety, quality, and ethics are foundational to who we are.

Our History

Evolution of a Company:

1947 Founded by Joseph J. Jacobs in Pasadena, California
1967 Opened our first satellite office in New Jersey
1970 Stock listed on the American Stock Exchange
1989 Stock moved to New York Stock Exchange
1989 Passed the $1 billion mark in annual revenues
2007 Two-for-one stock split
2013 Reached 70,000 employees

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