Competition is increasing in the automotive and industrial sectors – putting pressure on clients to expand into new markets, cut costs, and improve the long-term value and performance of their facilities.

Jacobs has the expertise in designing, building, and operating the systems, plants, and test facilities its clients need to refine the elements of products they make and distribute. Our strengths in these areas enable us to improve the quality of the products they deliver to the marketplace, while cutting operational expenses.

Jacobs' automated manufacturing services include front-end design services utilizing virtual simulation tools for process optimization as well as systems integration services that convert designs into working manufacturing systems. Jacobs helps clients extend the life of their facilities through smart, efficient maintenance processes that minimize downtime and promote efficiencies. Through sophisticated computerized tracking, we also help clients maximize facility investment and improve supply-chain efficiency.

Clients in the automotive industry are seeking a partner who can help them deliver a better vehicle more quickly and cost effectively than ever before. Whether for a member of the motorsport community seeking to gain a competitive edge on the racetrack or an automobile manufacturer seeking to increase their marketshare, Jacobs works with its customers – such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, and Windshear – to clearly define their goals and develop an optimum solution based on their needs.

As a premier supplier of automotive test facilities, Jacobs provides a comprehensive range of services that includes site planning, analysis, design, installation/integration, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and management. Drawing from our extensive experience as test facility operators, we provide a greater return on our client’s capital investment.

Through our unique operations and management approaches, Jacobs also implements processes to maximize facility availability and broker excess testing time – generating a revenue stream to offset operational costs while offering testing capabilities to other automakers and component suppliers. In addition, we supply engineering and technical support to augment clients' test operations and maintenance personnel.

Offering a full range of engineering services worldwide, our work in the industry has included the design and construction of BMW’s Aerodynamisches Versuchszentrum (AVZ) facility in Germany; the delivery and/or operation and maintenance of multiple Ford Motor Company testing facilities in Michigan; the optimization of a Tier 1 supplier’s automotive production systems for a large original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) assembly plant; and the production and implementation of our Test SLATE software, which provides an innovative interface for automotive testing facilities.

Project types:
  • Wind tunnels (climatic, driveability, aerodynamic, acoustic, and thermodynamic)
  • Emissions test rooms
  • Soak rooms
  • Altitude chambers
  • Engine & powertrain test cells
  • Electromagnetic anechoic chambers


Bringing an appreciation of the building design process and coupling that with an in-depth understanding of the key drivers and form-givers associated with advanced technology requirements, Jacobs provides its microelectronics clients with a unique perspective. By working with clients early in the project, we make sure a facility is conceptualized to address specific process and system details that leading technology centers demand, while maintaining the client’s overall vision, schedule, and budget.

Jacobs specializes in contamination control, air management systems, energy efficiency, hazardous chemicals and gases as well as high purity distribution systems and sources, chemical and gas waste mitigations systems and industrial/R&D equipment layout and installations.

Tapping into our global resources, Jacobs offers a full complement of services from programming through design, procurement, construction, management, start-up, commissioning and manufacturing/research equipment. Our microelectronics and advanced technology teams take into account vibration, electro-magnetic interference, special volumetric requirements, chemicals and gas storage and building/fire code restrictions that can have a profound impact on three-dimensional blocking and stacking solutions, as well as the movement of people and materials, to deliver successful projects for our clients.

Our distribution clients are looking for ways to maximize operational efficiencies, lower total cost of ownership, and reduce construction costs for their new and existing facilities and Jacobs' teams are able to help effectively and efficiently achieve these goals.

Jacobs offers planning, programming, site selection, logistics, material handling, full A/E design, construction management, and commissioning services for the distribution market. Projects vary from large greenfield distribution centers to various expansion / renovation initiatives.

Our staff is experienced in highly automated, dry storage warehouse and distribution facilities. By applying smart value engineering techniques, Jacobs is able to deliver better project coordination, improved communication, and the skill to proactively resolve design issues and develop alternatives early in the build process.

Specialized services:
  • Freezers, coolers, refrigeration systems
  • Secure storage vaults
  • Automatic storage & retrieval systems
  • Advanced computer controls
  • Automated conveyors
  • Automated guided vehicles
  • Pick modules
  • Loading docks
  • Fire protection systems
  • Maintenance & vehicle wash facilities
  • LEED-certified design options

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