Each nuclear asset presents a unique set of conditions and complexities, requiring rigorously safe, regulatory compliant and robust solutions. Jacobs assists both commercial and government clients in helping to sustain, modernize, and deliver change.

Whether it is an existing facility, a next generation nuclear system, or closing a legacy asset, the programs to deliver the work can be technically demanding and wide-ranging.

With more than fifty years of experience across the complete nuclear asset lifecycle, Jacobs supports client delivery and the associated infrastructure requirements at every stage of a project. Often managing a wide range of independent nuclear facilities and projects, our clients use our capability across design, engineering and asset optimization, procurement, construction, and commissioning, through to decontamination and decommissioning, site closure, regulatory compliance, and environmental services.

Experienced in working on nuclear license sites, Jacobs helps solve a variety of technical and program delivery challenges from plant performance improvements to nuclear waste management and clean-up. Where a particular program requires it, we integrate the strengths of key long-term alliance partners to help our clients achieve their objectives.

A major challenge in the nuclear industry today is how to undertake asset restoration, decommissioning of redundant plants, and waste management and clean-up, in a safe and cost effective manner. Due to the nature of the facilities, these legacy assets cannot simply be switched off, demolished, and removed. Given that many plants were built when regulatory and operational requirements were very different, the technical, environmental, and managerial issues are considerable.

Jacobs combines technical and regulatory knowledge with practical know-how to manage large and complex decommissioning, deconstruction, and clean-up tasks. Whether at a nuclear power or processing facility, a military site or other facility, we help our customers plan and manage complex programs of work to remediate or rehabilitate various nuclear assets.

As part of this work, Jacobs provides comprehensive environmental services to address all aspects of the process – from regulatory compliance, safety case requirements, and permitting, to pollution prevention, land contamination management, and remedial evaluation and selection. We also design and construct plants to treat and store all forms of radioactive waste. 

Jacobs is able to step in and offer a full complement of services from business case preparation and environmental analyses, through to construction. We work flexibly to suit each project, often starting early in the process with optioneering, concept design and front-end engineering, peer reviews, generic design assessment, and design development work. With major expansion and upgrade programs underway globally, Jacobs uses its experience, geographic reach, and technical skills to help clients expand into new regions.

Our significant engineering expertise in fusion projects, project assembly, installation, and maintenance, as well as addressing associated building and infrastructure needs has helped many of our clients, such as the ITER organization.  We leverage our global nuclear resources – working together to find the very best solutions for our clients.

“Jacobs, and each of the other strategic framework companies, leads a team that brings a wealth of skills and experience to the project. Their work will be crucial in helping the development of the organization and project as we build a new, leading, UK nuclear utility company, successfully developing, constructing and operating Advanced Boiling Water Reactors at Wylfa and Oldbury.” — Alan Raymant, Horizon Chief Operating Officer.

Nuclear power is one of the most regulated industries, demanding the highest standards in safety, security and environmental management. Jacobs helps its clients interpret regulations, investigate practical environmental options, and implement benchmarking. From hazard and operability studies, and site condition reports, to impact, shielding, and criticality assessments, we also provide comprehensive proposals for continued operation safety and plant modification and optimization.

Delivering high value solutions, across a varied portfolio of design-build projects, we support clients such as EDF, Sellafield and Magnox. Jacobs' multi-disciplined nuclear capability extends from planning, design and engineering to construction, commissioning, and operational support. Clients use our global resources for a range of programs for their reprocessing, waste management, storage, and associated infrastructure needs.

Often partnering in alliances with other key service providers, Jacobs manages long-term programs to give its clients additional access to capabilities and technical expertise. We also support clients with their conventional thermal power plant programs.

Existing nuclear

System experience:
  • Nuclear fuel handling systems
  • Reactor building
  • Waste treatment (radwaste), storage, and disposal
  • Cooling water systems
  • Development rigs
  • Remote & mechanical handling systems
  • Process systems
  • Ion exchange
  • Water treatment
  • Filtration
  • Encapsulation
  • Vitrification
  • Thermal destruction
  • Decontamination
  • High vacuum (HVAC)
  • Nuclear safety & containment

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