With the dynamic market conditions, driven largely by low costs and natural gas-based feedstock pricing, companies are investing heavily in petrochemicals, chemicals and polymers projects. Producers need experienced partners to help them take advantage of opportunities and maximize investments.

Our historic strength is delivering technically-complex chemical facilities, particularly in the key growth regions such as North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Jacobs delivers complete life-cycle capabilities to design and build new manufacturing facilities, manage plant relocations, and optimize expansions and modifications.

Tapping into our diverse project management and process-technology resources, Jacobs guides and assists its clients from an initial concept all the way to a fully constructed and operating facility. Working with an extensive list of licensors and process technologies, we help plant operators realize the optimum profitable potential of their production facilities. Jacobs provides services for debottlenecking and upgrading existing plants – from facility survey, process evaluation, and simulation through to project execution. We also can assist our clients with commercializing their developmental technologies.

Our long-term client relationships enable us to fully understand their business drivers, operations, resources, and methods of working. This comprehensive working knowledge promotes better planning, design, work practices, constructability, and maintainability processes. Together, we develop an integrated framework that achieves greater, more sustainable performance improvements.

As the global petrochemical industry enters a transition phase, many producers are adapting their strategies and redirecting their efforts toward developing regions for additional expansion. In more mature markets, producers are seeking to maintain and increase market share. Jacobs' global network integrates the best from our resources and local expertise to support these growth plans.

Clients are adapting to evolving environmental regulations and increasing demands around sustainability, alongside the need for improved cost and production efficiency. Jacobs has contributed to the conceptualization and implementation of ideas which are the foundation for world-class production facilities. This wide-ranging experience enables us to find new ways to add value where speed and innovation are essential.

From the early stages of projects, we help our clients develop big picture strategies, as well as specific project solutions. Jacobs can assist with site development, feasibility studies and conceptual design. Our clients value our work processes, virtual office platforms, and project delivery strength. These capabilities combine to help deliver highly cost-effective, safe, reliable, and easily maintained plants.

Project types:
  • Olefins & derivatives
  • Aromatics & derivatives
  • Synthesis gas & derivatives
  • Miscellaneous petrochemicals

With abundant natural gas from shale driving growth worldwide, global chemical companies are evaluating the opportunities and challenges this presents. Whether investing in new manufacturing facilities or retrofitting existing plants, producers are looking for partners to help them make the most of their investments.

Supporting major projects in prime regions such as North America, the Middle East and Asia, Jacobs has relationships with more than 20 global chemical companies. This gives us an integral understanding of the industry at large and the specific local conditions to best support our clients’ goals. Jacobs helps clients assess market potential, as well as design, construct, and commission assets, and manage maintenance and turnaround activities.

Our engineering capability embraces a wide spectrum of organic chemicals and intermediates, chloralkali and derivatives, inorganic chemicals, fertilizers, fine and specialty chemicals, and miscellaneous chemicals. Leveraging the latest technical developments, Jacobs builds designs that reduce costs and increase performance. High quality project execution and global sourcing are just two of our strengths that can help control quality, schedule, and price.

Project types:
  • Organic Chemicals & intermediates
  • Chloralkali & derivatives
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Fine & specialty chemicals
  • Miscellaneous chemicals

As clients adapt to changing market conditions, Jacobs helps them develop advanced engineering solutions to meet their complex techno-economic challenges.

Often building integrated teams to deliver projects across a broad range of polymers and plastics, Jacobs works long-term with clients. Facilities need to remain technologically and commercially competitive long after they are built, and we frequently assist with further optimization studies, control system improvements and additional expansion phases.

Jacobs has extensive understanding of advanced polymerization reactions and state-of-the-art post-reactor processing techniques. Providing our full life-cycle capabilities, we can design and execute plants producing a variety of polymers. This includes handling, compounding and packaging of solid polymer products.

Project types:
  • Bulk polymers
  • Polyolefins
  • Styrene-based polymers
  • Engineered plastics
  • Elastomers
  • Speciality & miscellaneous polymers

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