Driven by the growing need to replace aging water management infrastructure, our public and private clients are investing to keep these major systems operational. In developing nations, such as India and China, there are plans to invest billions in water infrastructure over the next 20 years.

Jacobs offers a complete solution package to its clients’ water, wastewater, and flood control challenges across the world. Our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory environment enables us to adapt solutions to help our clients address their stakeholder needs – from investor to end user. Jacobs works closely with municipalities on projects ranging from regulatory enforcement requirements tackling sewer overflows, to green solutions for stormwater management. Addressing issues such as collection, treatment and re-use of wastewater for our clients, we deliver the benefits of sustainable, innovative, cost-saving solutions to meet their needs.

Skilled at managing large, complex programs, Jacobs can also help government clients keep costs down by staffing substantial, multi-year programs. While we work at the local level to meet specific individual entity needs, we are able to leverage our water resources experts across the globe to bring the best practices of the industry to any project.

Communities around the world face an escalating risk of flooding due to the impacts of climate change, the growing demands we place on our land, and an increasing population. The economic damage to our coastal cities alone is estimated to rise by the year 2050 to over $1 trillion per year if we do not adapt.

Jacobs' global resources combine multi-disciplinary expertise to enable broad-scale, cohesive thinking and solutions that are derived by applying the principles of quality, safety, and sustainability. We implement ground breaking solutions, such as the first open-coast managed realignment providing sustainable flood risk management and creation of intertidal habitat.

Jacobs' capabilities include full end-to-end delivery of flood management solutions comprising strategic assessment, design and construction, non-construction solutions, and a full range of analytical services including geomorphology and hydrodynamic modeling. Our team includes specialists in climate change assessment, adaptation, and resilience.

Our water resource experts are helping clients meet challenges posed by the increasing imbalance between water supply and demand, driven by extreme drought and/or flooding events, and exacerbated by the effects of climate change.

By exploring in-region water management and water transfer opportunities, Jacobs is able to advise on the most efficient and effective surface and groundwater solutions during front end strategy and planning, while also providing continual support through feasibility, engineering and construction.

Our global teams are active in sharing best practices and ideas, helping to improve water quality by combining innovative treatment processes with safe, maintainable engineering solutions that incorporate off-site build technology.

As it relates to collection and distribution systems, our goal is to help preserve existing infrastructure by guiding and implementing prioritized rehabilitation of aging assets. Jacobs uses up-to-date asset location and condition data to plan, design, schedule, and manage the execution of capital improvement projects. We understand regulatory requirements and limits, and are able to help develop a common-sense program that reduces infiltration/inflow and controls overflows.

Water Overview

Water experience:
  • Water supply including desalination
  • Water treatment, recycling, and reuse
  • Pumps stations & pipelines
  • Dams & reservoirs
  • Irrigation & drainage improvement
  • Integrated water cycle management
  • Asset management & feasibility studies
  • Energy and utility master planning

Communities are facing new challenges to reduce cost and meet ever-tightening standards for wastewater treatment. Jacobs helps develop solutions that can meet tight discharge limits, save money and have minimal impact on our communities and neighbors.

Our award-winning solutions for nutrient removal reliably meet some of the tightest nutrient limits in the world. Jacobs understands how to optimize treatment and has demonstrated our ability to deliver energy efficiencies and cost savings to our clients, reducing power costs by up to 40 percent.

In addition to treatment, Jacobs' capabilities cover wastewater collection and re-use – offering full service planning, design, program, and construction management of facilities across the world. Specialized services include:

  • Wastewater characterization
  • Treatability studies
  • Compliance and permitting assistance
  • Plant performance evaluation
  • Treatment facility planning & design
  • Nutrient removal
  • Biosolids management
  • Odor control
  • Energy management

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