Using reliable materials like glass lined steel, PTFE and tantalum, Jacobs engineers developed the patented vacuum evaporation process that still forms the heart of our technology today. The process is characterized by the extensive use of gravity flow to transfer hot acid between the various process steps and by the use of natural circulation thermosyphon loops for the acid evaporators, thus avoiding the use of pumps in hot acid service which increases safety and reliability.

Our sulfuric acid concentration process provides high heat transfer rates and large turndown capabilities. Multiple stages are used for large capacities or for large increases in concentration allowing the plant designs to cover a wide range of applications. Installed capacities to-date range from 30 to 2200 tons per day and can concentrate sulfuric acid from as low as 7wt% to maximum 96wt% sulfuric acid product.

Jacobs conducts extensive safety reviews during the design process and operate a pilot testing facility to ensure that optimum conditions and materials are selected for each spent sulfuric acid. This approach is evident our plants' reliability and their excellent safety records. 

For more information please contact us to discuss your spent acid recovery requirements. We are happy to assist.

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