Founded as a part of a company that owned, operated, designed and built sulfuric acid plants, Jacobs has viewed equipment design from the plant owner's perspective and has focused on developing equipment designs that provide superior performance, reliability and ease of maintenance for our clients. 

We are constantly improving the designs via the feedback it receives from on site technical service, in house fabrication and our internal research and development. Our proprietary equipment options are recognized as a global industry standard.

Acid coolers

Jacobs developed and introduced the anodically protected shell and tube sulfuric (CIL) acid cooler to the sulfuric acid industry in 1968. We have installed more than 2,000 acid coolers globally. Jacobs' acid coolers are an industry standard. SARAMET®, CIRAMET®, duplex, 316L or alternative alloy coolers are selected for the specific technical needs of the application. All units are designed and manufactured to Chemetics proprietary design, welding, tubing and quality control standards in our fabrication facility in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. Our fabrication professionals offer commissioning, inspection and maintenance services for acid coolers. Through careful, well proven design selection methodologies our acid coolers have proven their reliability with a large number remaining in continuous service for more than 30 years.

Acid storage tank anodic protection systems

Anodic protection systems to reduce tank corrosion on strong sulfuric acid tanks were introduced in the 1970s. Jacobs pioneered this development and has installed more than 150 systems for our various clients. Our ANOTROL® 2000 based tank protection systems can be installed on new tanks or retrofitted on old tanks.

Acid tower distributors

Our ISO-FLOWTM trough distributor has been developed to address a number of operational, performance and maintenance issues seen in other distributor designs. Features include:

  • T-box trough design – internal header simplifies feed pipe
  • Calming plates – promote even liquid level in trough
  • Modular downcomer assemblies – facilitates installation and repair
  • Packing chip catchers – avoids blockages
  • Orifice distribution – even flow to each downcomer
  • SARAMET® construction – excellent acid corrosion resistance
  • Self supporting design – eliminates hangers

Acid towers and tanks

Jacobs' brick lined and alloy (SARAMET®) tower designs have been continuously developed and refined over many years resulting in the current design – which provides clients with a high efficiency, low maintenance and low pressure drop drying and absorption system. Design emphasis has been on mechanical integrity, lining construction, excellent liquid and gas distribution, and maintenance-free nozzles and internals. Fabricated in our Pickering facility, our tower and tank designs are developed to meet each client's specific need.

Our design refinement over the years has been based on site experience with our own equipment, as well as other vendor’s equipment, resulting in design standards and practices that have resolved most of the common acid tank issues seen in operational facilities.


Jacobs' SO2/SO3 converters were developed to solve persistent operational and maintenance problems that were occurring with alternative designs. Patented in 1982, our Radial Flow Stainless Steel Converter has been installed in more than 40 sites and has provided largely maintenance free, zero leak, high performing operation for combined operational life of more than 600 years. Design can be integrated easily into existing or new facilities and can provide increased plant capacity and/or lower pressure drop if desired for plant debottlenecking.

Jacobs has developed fabrication strategies to allow modular construction in a shop environment to mitigate against the cost, quality, and safety risks associated with fabrication of large converter vessels. Our fabrication staff can provide site installations to advise clients on optimal site fabrication and logistics strategies to minimize total installed cost and reduce project timing, cost and quality risk.

Gas-gas heat exchangers

We offer our patented Radial Flow Gas–Gas heat exchangers for all contact plant duties. The designs feature a radial pitch tube layout and disc and donut baffle arrangement, the combination of which ensures high thermal heat transfer coefficients, low pressure drop, and virtually no maintenance. Jacobs has supplied more than 300 gas exchangers and specializes in retrofitting units into existing facilities that have been designed by other plant designers. Also, our team specializes in the fabrication of gas-gas heat exchangers and work with clients on retrofit projects to find the optimal mechanical and process configuration for the specific requirements of the plant.


SARAMET® is an austenitic silicon stainless steel that Jacobs introduced to the sulfuric acid industry. The particular grade of SARAMET® is selected by our in-house metallurgists to meet the particular process requirements in the client’s plant.

We have an extensive stock of SARAMET® 23 and 35 in our Pickering facility in piping, elbows and plate form to allow quick response to customer emergency requirements.

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