As a leader in gas treating and sulfur recovery technology, Jacobs' Comprimo Sulfur Solutions® provides engineering, procurement and construction services to gas treating and sulfur recovery plants around the world.

Clients are looking for ways to add new units; increase their sulfur recovery efficiency; add more processing capacity, through gas treating enrichment or oxygen enrichment; and conduct sulfur degassing. Our sulfur solutions technology and expertise provides total project delivery for gas sweetening, sulfur recovery, and tail gas treatment plants. For every technology we offer, our goal is to recover the most sulfur while consuming the least amount of energy at the lowest investment cost.

We focus on our clients sulfur needs and choose the best solutions accordingly. Jacobs' capabilities range from new designs and add-ons for existing units to debottlenecking to increase capacity and/or sulfur recovery levels. Our offerings include all of the key processes to maximize "Sulfur Block" performance, including gas/liquid treating technologies, sour water stripping, sulfur recovery, tail gas treatment, NH3 destruction, hydrocarbon (BTX) destruction, O2 enrichment, sulfur degassing and sulfur handling.

Clients get project support well beyond a traditional technology package. In addition to EPCM services, Jacobs provides operator training, start-up assistance, site services, maintenance programs and turn-arounds. This allows us to be involved early in project execution in order to provide optimal support and efficient solutions.

Comprimo Overview

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Services include:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology selection
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering and project management
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Modular fabrication
  • Commissioning and start-up services
  • Operator training
  • Continuous service agreements


From technology centers in Leiden, the Netherlands and Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jacobs has licensed, engineered, and constructed more than 500 plants across the globe. 

We have spent nearly 40 years developing sulfur technologies and gas treating processes and continue to improve our solutions and technologies through our ongoing research and development efforts.

Providing design services for all our “sulfur block” technologies, Jacobs covers gas treating, sour water stripping, sulfur recovery, tail gas treating, incineration, sulfur degassing and sulfur handling. Our specialists are also involved in commissioning and startup activities, performance testing, operator training and follow up support and advisory during the operation of the plant.

Jacobs' SUPERCLAUS® and EUROCLAUS® technologies are recognized worldwide and have sulfur recovery rates of up to 99.5%.

Our newest technology offering is a the combination of a SUPERCLAUS® unit with a downstream caustic scrubber. This option often leads to a very economical design and it again shows our drive and determination to continuously improve our designs for the benefits of our clients.

Read more about each of our gas treating and sulfur recovery technologies.

To support our clients on a continuous basis during their operation of the gas treating and sulfur recovery facilities, Jacobs offers a Continuous Services Agreement, which is tailored to the needs and demands of each client. Through an annual fee, the Continuous Services Agreement covers, but is not limited to:

Annual site visit
Once a year we will come to your site for a day meeting with your production and operations staff and review your plant’s performance. Jacobs sulfur experts review your processes and answer any questions on performance, maintenance, catalyst replacement or upgrading of the facilities.  The visit can be extended by one or more days if needed.

Technical support
Technical support by phone or e-mail is available to answer all your questions regarding improved operation, performance, or general troubleshooting issues.

Operator training
Operator training is an important part of our services to ensure our unit designs are clearly understood for effortless and safe operation. Our training has proven to be very useful for plant engineers, maintenance workers, and instrumentation and control engineers.

Services Agreement

Jacobs staff is highly involved in the sulfur community, participating in various conferences,symposiums, and trade shows. We routinely speak at these events providing discussion and trends for the future. Relevant publications and presentations include:

"It takes two," by Marco van Son, Sander Kobussen, Alexandra Anghel, and Jeanine Klinkenbijl, Hydrocarbon Engineering, October 2013

There are more roads that lead to Rome, which is the best route for you?, Gerrit Bloemendal, SOGAT Conference 2013

Risks of Accumulated Sulfur in Sulfur Recovery Units, Ellen Ticheler-Tienstra, Anne van Warners, Rien van Grinsven, and Sander Kobussen, Brimstone Vienna Sulfur Symposium 2013

The KPE story ’A Perfect Fit,’ Jacobs 2012 Annual Report

"Next Generation SRU Control with ABC+," by Gerton Molenaar and Aernout Henning, Sulphur Magazine, January/February 2010

"Low Cost and Reliable Sulphur Recovery," by Jacobs and MECS, Sulphur Magazine, January/February 2010

"How low can it go?", by Gerrit Bloemendal and Frank Scheel, Hydrocarbon Engineering, May 2008

"Capture and Convert," by Gerrit Bloemendal, Sander Kobussen and Frank Scheel, Hydrocarbon Engineering, December 2008

"Low Temperature Tail Gas Treating Goes Prime Time!", by Gerrit Bloemendal, Frank Scheel, and Juste Meijer, Hydrocarbon Engineering, December 2007

Coming soon:

  • Brimstone Sulfur Symposium 2015, September 14-18, Vail, Colorado, USA 
  • Refining India 2015, 12-13 October, New Delhi, India 
  • Sulphur Conference 2015, 9-12 November, Toronto, Canada 

Recently attended:

  • Brimstone European Sulfur Symposium 2015, Vienna, Austria
  • Refining China, April 2015, Beijing, China
  • SOGAT Conference 2015, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference, Oklahoma, USA 
  • ChemTECH World Expo 2015, Bombay, India
  • Sulfur Conference 2014, Paris, France
  • Brimstone Sulfur Symposium 2014, Vail, Colorado, USA

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