Test SLATE is Jacobs' comprehensive, easy-to-use test control and measurement process management application, ideal for testing virtually any product under a variety of environmental and product conditions. It is the ideal application for a wide range of testing environments, including aerodynamic or climatic wind tunnels, component test stands, automotive test facilities, air craft engine test facilities, structural test stands, and manufacturing validation test stands, and more. 

Test facilities face a growing need to provide more and better test data and improve testing capabilities in the face of fewer resources.  In the past, that has meant replacing test software at considerable capital expense. Test SLATE offers an affordable, customizable hardware-neutral system.  

This Windows®-based, drag-and-drop software does not need specialized training, yet it is powerful enough to control even the most complex test and measurement process, including taking thousands of measurements simultaneously.  

Using Test SLATE, you can quickly and intuitively create a custom data acquisition and test automation program without programming skills, while seamlessly integrating old and new hardware – even custom legacy components.

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Build complex automated tests quickly.

Test automation configuration has never been easier. Jacobs' Test SLATE enables you to quickly and easily build complex test sequences for automated or manual operation.  The features and functions of Test SLATE are configurable, giving you the power to create a sophisticated test system tailored to your specific needs. The application programming interface (API) even allows you to create your own customized plug-in.

Test SLATE has a host of interactive user controls and display windows for diagnostics, reports, plots, initialization forms, message logging, control loops, and more. The interface is completely customizable with dockable windows. Windows®-based, this highly flexible test measurement and control software requires no proprietary hardware and works with nearly any control or measurement device or system, regardless of make or model.

Test SLATE's integrated productivity tools enable the user to quickly configure utilities and perform end-to-end calibrations for any I/O channel as well as easily store and share test data with the project team.


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New Features

New for Version 12 of Test SLATE! An API was added to Test SLATE to allow customers to maintain custom plug-ins. This provides the options for customer staff to freely modify custom plug-ins developed by Jacobs as well as to create new custom plug-ins that are compatible with the COTS portion of Test SLATE.

    Meeting Critical Needs and Challenges. 

    A versatile, easy-to-use test and measurement process management application, Jacobs' Test SLATE is ideally suited for a wide range of testing environments -- in markets ranging from automotive to aerospace, as well as multi-market applications such as component or engine testing. 

    Test SLATE has been integrated into testing facilities and laboratories across the globe. Its easily configured test automation and data acquisition capabilities have made it an ideal choice for the ever changing needs of our customers.

    Component Testing
    Engine Testing
    Military Testing

    As environmental concerns continue to grow over automobile emissions and gas mileage, the automotive industry is under increasing pressure to improve engine and powertrain performance, reduce emissions, and simultaneously make vehicles safer. In addition, fierce competition requires auto manufacturers to reduce costs while improving performance, both in the design and manufacturing phases as well as on the road

    Jacobs' Test SLATE provides auto manufacturers with crucial drivability, emissions, aerodynamic, thermodynamic, acoustic, climatic, and safety test data at a cost five to ten times less than competing software applications. Test SLATE makes it easier to move road testing into the laboratory, where vehicles can be tested under any climatic condition, saving even more time and money by eliminating expensive, time-intensive outdoor testing

    Test SLATE is used in some of the most advanced national and international automotive test facilities, including the General Motors Proving Ground and Technical Center, Visteon Corporation, Ford Motor 
    Company, and numerous component suppliers.

    The aerospace industry provides some of the most demanding testing challenges today. Critical issues include propulsion and airframe aerodynamics, heat transfer rates, and icing conditions. Increasing performance, environmental, and safety concerns are pushing test facilities to provide more and better data with fewer resources.

    As a result, many aerospace test facilities need to provide improved functionality and capabilities. In the past, that has meant replacing test data acquisition and management systems at considerable capital expense. However, Jacobs' Test SLATE enables facilities to now significantly improve their systems and testing performance by seamlessly integrating a wide variety of existing legacy subsystems and new hardware using simple PCs. Using Test SLATE software, users can quickly create sophisticated, automated test sequences that can be changed on the fly, eliminating hours of costly programming revisions and test condition re-verification.

    Test SLATE is used in some of the most advanced aerospace test facilities, including U.S. Air Force and NASA centers.

    Motorsports testing is a demanding offshoot of automotive testing, requiring advanced aerodynamic analysis, extreme engine and transmission performance, precise tolerances, and more rigorous analysis.

    Today, NASCAR and other open wheel racing organizations, including individual teams, are designing and building their own test facilities to meet the demand for better and more comprehensive testing of race car designs and performance. Jacobs' Test SLATE is ideally suited to provide car designers with crucial aerodynamic, thermodynamic, and safety test data, at a cost five to ten times less than competing software applications. By moving on-track testing into the laboratory, Test SLATE can test race cars under virtually any track and performance condition, saving even more time and money.

    Test SLATE is being used by WindShear, Inc. in NASCAR's first dedicated wind tunnel facility and by other confidential motorsports customers.

    Today's world runs on machines with moving parts — motors, turbines, pumps, transmissions, generators, valves, pistons, and bearings — to name just a few. And as components move they are subject to a wide range of conditions — temperature, wear, stress, moisture, pressure, and more. To guarantee optimum performance, products such as safety equipment, medical components, engine and transmission parts, and others often require quality assurance testing during development  to gather stress, performance, reliability, and fit tolerances.  

    Testing products under development can be accomplished in the design laboratory, but quality assurance testing after manufacturing begins can be challenging and expensive.  Because Test SLATE enables moving real world testing into the laboratory, products such as well pumps, oil drilling equipment, and many other components can be effectively and comprehensively tested in simulation, providing significant savings in product development time and testing costs.

    Jacobs' Test SLATE is used by some of the world's best-known manufacturers such as General Electric, Behr, Caterpillar, and Saturn for both product development and quality assurance testing.


    Test SLATE has the full functionality to provide complete closed loop controls as well as high speed data acquisition of instrumentation from a standard library of major manufacturers to handle engine speed, fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, coolant temperatures, air flow speed, and much more. Using Test SLATE’s automated test sequencing features, engine tests can be fully automated and overall testing time significantly reduced.  From engine cycle testing to performance and endurance testing to emissions tests and more, Test SLATE has been created with engine testing in mind.

    Jacobs has been a trusted partner with the United States Military for more than 60 years. Jacobs’ support to the Department of Defense, and specifically the U.S. Air Force, dates back to the design of wind tunnels at Wright Field during World War II and to the inception of Arnold Engineering Development Center, where we have provided continuous support since 1950. 

    Our portfolio encompasses ground test support to nearly every type of aerodynamic and rocket propulsion flight program, and we have supported virtually every type of air armament system. We also provide support to the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Special Operations Command.

    Since its inception, Jacobs' Test SLATE has been a major contributor to the success of these programs and is used in some of the most advanced U.S. military and NASA test facilities, including USAF’s Arnold Engineering Development Center, USAF’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Laboratory, the U.S. Navy's Cherry Point Naval Aviation Depot, and NASA's Ames and Langley Research Centers. 


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