Engineering & Technology Services offer specialized services and consultation in the following areas:

  • Engineering Design, Supervision, & Project Management of facilities and buildings.
  • Drilling & Geotechnical services
  • Environmental services
  • Oil & Gas Reservoir Characterization and Petrophysical services including Special Core Analysis (SCAL), Wellsite Core Sample Acquisition and Rigsite Permeability

We ensure efficient communication, timely delivery and reliable support to our clients. Our emphasis is on state-of-the-art technology products and services, which facilitates the production and business efficiency of our clients in a cost-effective manner.  

This is accomplished through developing in-house capabilities and partnering with reputable global service providers. Our familiarity and proximity to the major industrial hubs of Arabian Gulf allows us to be in a favorable position to adapt and offer customized solutions to our regional clients. 

To provide quality services and innovative solutions through building local capabilities and strong alliances with reliable global technology partners.  

We provide diverse innovative solutions to meet client's evolving requirements in an effective manner. These include design & supervision, drilling & geotechnical, core analysis, geoscience services and advanced data management solutions. Our emphasis is placed on up-to-date technology, high service levels and timely delivery. 

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