Engineering Technology Services along with its international technical partners offer advanced reservoir geophysics tools that provide thorough "road maps" of the subsurface to develop and carry out the best well planning with the lowest risk.

In addition, the logging while drilling tools provide updated information on the location of the drill bit, as well as rock properties.

Our Integrated Reservoir Solutions incorporates a workflow that uses proprietary technologies to develop an industry-leading interpretation of 3D seismic data to give you an unparalleled reservoir description so you can drill with confidence.

Continuous Fracture Modeling (CFM) provides answer for the challenge of imaging natural fracture systems which is difficult to achieve through mainstream technology.

Engineering & Technology Services with its partners offer a solution that creates a framework for analyzing seismic, core data, image logs and production indicators to create and maintain a predictive model showing the location of fractures.

It is imperative to have accurate 3D imaging to define essential structure and stratigraphic information in the subsurface allowing better understanding of reservior. Engineering & Technology Services along with its partners are leading providers of Depth Imaging software and services to the oil and gas industry. 

With our advanced imaging technology, we help oil and gas companies visualize accurately 3D earth structures and reduce drilling risks associated with oil and gas exploration.

Geopressure is a critical property that must be understood to achieve success in your exploration and production efforts. Engineering & Technology Services along with its international partners have assembled the finest team of pressure experts in the industry and offer superior solutions in geopressure that will enhance your exploration efforts and dramatically reduce your drilling and completion costs. Geopressure analysis is directly applicable to the following problems:

  • Basin-Scale Modeling and Pressure Analysis
  • Prospect-Scale Pressure Analysis
  • Hydraulic Flow Analysis
  • Lateral and Vertical Seal Analysis
  • Pre-Drill Well Planning
  • Wellbore Stability Analysis
  • Real-Time Pressure Evaluation While Drilling
  • Reservoir Specific Pressure Analysis (Centroid Analysis)

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