High quality sample acquisition is of the utmost importance in direct petrophysics so we have designed and refined our rigsite sampling equipment over the years to optimise this process.

The equipment is air-deriven for HSE reasons and among other attributes features fine control of bit lubricant pressure to minimize disturbance of native fluids.

We use special preservation methods to hermetically seal samples for analysis in the laboratory.

ETS specializes in fast-track analysis of rigsite-sampled core plugs to provide engineers with near real-time poro-perm data.

These data are crucial for decision making to facilitate optimal well completions.

Direct water saturation is much under-utilised in the industry and these data are complementary to traditional capillary pressure methods.

They can be used to generate water-saturation / height functions in a small fraction of the time required by conventional techniques as well as providing hot-shot data to assist in near real-time decision-making

Uncertainty in formation water resistivity is commonplace and must be eliminated for adequate calibration of electrical logs. Our direct determination of this reservoir parameter is used extensively and is frequently the only way of adequately measuring azimuthal and depth variations in hydrocarbon-zone connate water salinity.

Direct saturation determination lends itself to certain applications such as water saturation modelling.

The typically high data accuracy frequently facilitiates derivation of even more advanced deliverables such as free water level prediction which otherwise, in the abscence of quality formation pressure data, would remain significant appraisal uncertainties.

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